Rosé is the region’s great and most widely produced wine. Delightful dry rosés are made here from Mourvèdre, Grenache, Cinsault, Carignan and Syrah. Served chilled, they’re perfect as aperitifs or to pair with Mediterranean cuisine, from olives and cured meats to seafood of all kinds. 

Provence delivers boatloads of delicate, onion-skin colored dry rosé wines with notes of strawberry, watermelon, and crunchy celery.Provence is home to several appellations for wine production. The largest, Côtes de Provence, spans much of the region

Beautiful Provence stretches across the southeast coast of France, from the Rhône toward Nice and the Italian border. The picturesque rolling hills covered with lavender and herbs are also very hospitable to vines, which thrive in the sunny, breezy Mediterranean climate.