Domaine Remoissenet et Fils - Renommée 2017 - Burgundy

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Domaine Remoissenet et Fils - Renommée 2017 - Burgundy

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Bourgogne AOC

Pinot Noir

“A pale ruby colour ruby, a delicate nose typical of a Pinot, and very delicate tannins. An enjoyable wine from Burgundy, good for any occasion!”

Food Pairing: light red meat, poultry dish, shellfish

Serving temperature: between 15 and 18 degrees

Did you know?  Domaine Remoissenet et Fils is an ancient estate situated in Burgundy. Connected by mortar and stone to the medieval walls of Beaune, the estate is full of history. Its cellar is 150 years old and contains wines that have been ageing peacefully for over a century. The know-how have been passed throughout the year, and you can taste the precision in every single bottle!


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