Domaine Anne de Laweiss - Pinot Noir Collection 2017 - Alsace

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Domaine Anne de Laweiss - Pinot Noir Collection 2017 - Alsace

Alsace AOC

Pinot Noir

“A nice and delicate Pinot Noir from Alsace. Light bodied, fresh and fruity with discreet tannins, can even be chilled a little (around 15°C) to enjoy better on a hot summer day!”

Food pairing: Red and white meat, chicken and all types of cheese

Serving temperature: between 15 and 18 degrees

Did you know ?

Everyone knows the famous Pinot Noir wines from Bourgogne…but only a few people have heard about Alsace Pinot Noir wines! In Burgundy, Pinot Noir wines have more strength and more structure. Whereas in Alsace, they are lighter, easier to drink and a bit ore fruity. They are completely different wines made from the same single grape variety! 


Based in Sydney in Australia, Le Plonque French Wine online store gives you the opportunity to discover a beautiful Pinot Noir wine from Alsace : Domaine Anne de Laweiss 2017! Order now get FREE DELIVERY in Australia (conditions apply).