Château D'Yquem 2005 - Grand Cru Sauternes - Bordeaux

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Chateau D'Yquem 2005

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Sauternes Premier Cru Classe

Sauvignon, Semillon (sweet)

"A unique experience. Words are not enough to describe the pleasure provided by the tasting Chateau d'Yquem sweet wines. It's an harmony in the complexity of flavors and aromas, a astonishing balance, an exceptional finale,...The most famous sweet wine in the world is definitely the best one..."

Enjoyable with desserts, complex cheeses, exotic food, or just by itself for a pure moment of pleasure....
Did you know?
Château Yquem once belonged to the English Royalty, during the middle age. The wines produced here are naturally sweet, thanks to the action of Botrytis, which is a little insect that takes a part of the water from the grape, resulting in an growth of sugar concentration in the fruit, and residual sugar after fermentation.
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