Champagne Remy Massin - Grains de douceur

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Champagne Remy Massin - Grains de douceur

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Created from a blend of Pinot Noirs from 3 different harvests this is a luscious champagne with warm aromas of white caramel, apple tart, brioche, butter and honey. Well rounded on the palate with notes of crystallised orange. Serve with foie gras, cheeses such as Roquefort, apple tart or pastries filled with crème vanilla.

A soft and suave champagne.  

SEC - Slightly sweeter than Brut

Tasting note
A subtle scent of melted caramel mingled with the gorgeous aromas of apple pie, brioche, butter and honey. Beautifully rounded on the palate with a touch of orange peel.

Matching food
Try it with blue cheese such as Roquefort, or with dessert: apple pie or profiteroles filled with vanilla cream.

Production: -
Blend: 100 % Pinot Noir 
Vintage selection: 2009-2010-2011