Wine and Food Pairing: a few tips to make them work!

Wine and Food Pairing: a few tips to make them work!

Posted by Margot on 17th Jun 2021

What's better than an explosion of flavors? If you know, please tell us!

Some culinary experiences are sometimes so good they seem a bit... mystical. Don't you agree? How do you manage to make this kind of magic happen between wine and food? What rules should be followed to make an aperitif, a lunch or a dinner exceptional? Here is a few tips that will help you understand why some wines and some food work so well together and create your own pairings!

First of all it is important to note that there are two big categories in wine and food pairings: complementary pairings and congruent pairing. A complementary pairing is when we choose a wine that will complement the dish, that will make it whole. A congruent pairing is choosing a wine that will enhance the richness of a dish, underlining its flavors.

Simple, right? Wine and food pairing do not have to be super complicated and do not require rocket science ! That said, here's a few other things to know.

1. You should keep your wine and food at a similar weight

And we don't mean weight as in kilos or liters, but pairing a light wine with a light food (for example a white wine with a fish) or a heavy wine with a rich and heavy food (tannic red with red meat).

2. You should try to match flavor intensity and character

Similar flavors in food and wine can make great combos.

For example :

Fish and lemon with a citrusy wine such as Sav Blanc.

Spicy reds such as Shiraz with a pepper steak.

Creamy dish and creamy wine, buttery chardonnay with Chicken in cream dish.

3. Use acidity as a strength

High acidity wines such as Riesling can be used to cleanse the palate when eating oily rich dishes such as an Indian Curry or Thai Food.

4. Avoid mixing tannins and salt

Salty dishes are well balanced with crisp high-acidity wines such as sauvignon Blanc. Tannins, on the other hand, can clash with salt (can make the wine taste bitter).

5. Balance bitter tannins with heavy foods

Astringent tannins flavors can be softened by rich meals such as a steak.

6. The sweeter the food, the sweeter the wine

You should serve a wine at least as sweet as the dessert you are gonna eat. Sweet food tends to make dry wines seem over-acidic.

7. Spices goes with sweet

If you are eating spicy food you should pick a sweet wine that is gonna relieve the palate from the spice and balance it. A tannic red will only enhance the burn of the spice.

8. Pair with the sauce

Pairing the wine with the main ingredient in the dish is great, but not is the wine and the sauce are not meant to go together. So don't forget to think about seasoning and sauce when thinking about your pairings, they matter!

But you know the best thing about wine and food pairings? There's no rules, only tips! And everyone has different tastes so our recommendation? Just experiment and enjoy yourself!

Our recommendation? Chateau Dallau Red with a cheese platter!

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