Wine and Cheese: Accords parfaits!

26th Jul 2021

Today is wine and cheese day! Probably one of the best days of the year! Do you want some help on how to celebrate it? We’ve got the best tips to make your wine and cheese pairing unforgettable!

Tip #1: Pair wines and cheeses with equal intensity.

Tip #2: Bold red wines pair best with aged cheeses.

Tip #3: Match super funky cheeses with sweeter wines.

We’ve tried a few pairing and here is a list of the best matches ever:

Raclette :

Melted cheese on potatoes with charcuterie pairs wonderfully with a Riesling. perfect for these rough winter days. 

Try with our delicious Riesling Anne de Laweiss - $15.50 per bottle

Goat cheese : 

They say "what grows together goes together". Loire valley produces delicious goat cheeses that can't be produced anywhere else (Crottin de Chavignol, Pouligny Saint-Pierre, Sainte-Maure de Touraine, Selles-sur-Cher and Valençay). Loire Valley also produces delicious white wines that, we swear, were just made to drink with these cheeses! 

Try our Domaine de Clayou Sauvignon blanc - $17.90 per bottle

Brie : 

Famous, delicious and so creamy, Brie cheese is unmissable on wine and cheese day! It pairs really well with creamy whites and makes a great partner to Chardonnay. But if you're more into reds, we recommend a Pinot noir based wine and definitely suggest a Burgundy red!

Try Domaine Frederic Magnien Coeur de Pierre Chardonnay - $44.90 per bottle

Or Domaine Ardhui Les Lambots - $74.90 per bottle

Gouda and Edam: 

With a cheese such as those two, we highly recommend going south and picking a red from the Rhône valley.

Try our Syrah blend Domaine des Trois Lys Les Garrigues - $24.90 per bottle


Cheddar is a cheese "de character", its taste is strong and will need a wine with power. when we think of powerful and tasty wine, we do think Bordeaux. 

Try our Bordeaux Cab Sav Château Dallau 2016 - $24.90 per bottle


More discreet, this cheese needs a lighter wine. Light reds and gruyere usually make great companions. We would recommend a Pinot from a cool climate that will be light and fruity.

Try gruyere with Anne de Laweiss Pinot Noir - $17.00 per bottle

Blue cheese: 

Blue Cheese, dear blue cheese. People usually love it or hate it. If you are a blue cheese lover, we recommend you to try pairing it with a sweet wine. It might sound surprising but blue cheese and sweet whites make the best pairings!

Les carmes de Rieussec would be the perfect wine for it - $49.10 per bottle

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