How to choose the right Champagne bottle?

How to choose the right Champagne bottle?

7th May 2020

Do you like to drink big champagne brands? Then you will like Remy Massin French Champagne even more.

Do you sometimes wonder how to choose the right Champagne bottle? Our best tip to you is to select Champagne from a grower-producer winemaker’s house rather than from a wine merchant. You can recognise them easily: the bottle cap (cork cover) will have the mention R for “Recoltant” (= Grower) and the mention N for “Negociant” (= Merchant).

Now sit down, I’ve got some bad news for you: most of the famous French Champagne brands that you know are only Wine Merchants. I know, it’s disappointing. Wine merchants essentially produce their wine/ Champagne from grapes purchased from winegrowers from all over the Champagne region, transported in tanks over distances sometimes exceeding 100kms. Champagne Houses (Wine growers) own around only 10% of the vineyards in the Champagne region, despite being responsible for around two-third of the wine production in this area. remymassin3.jpg

The good news is that we have found a French Champagne Grower for you, yes,a real Champagne Grower-Producer Winemaker’s House: Remy Massin

This means that they only produce Champagne on their premises, exclusively using their own grape crop that they then bring to market. They make sure they nurture their soil, thanks to traditional cultivation practices that preserve its quality and its environment. Remy Massin haven’t used any herbicides on their land for the last 12 years.


At Le Plonque we always seek out and select a range of vineyards that we believe meet our criteria of high quality and fair prices. We hope you’ll make the right choice choosing quality Champagne. Have a try, you won’t be disappointed.


The team at Le Plonque