A bit of History about wine

A bit of History about wine

Posted by Margot on 21st May 2021

What is wine? 

Wine is, by definition in France, a drink that’s made from fermenting grape juice. Fermenting grapes can create different sorts of wines: different colours (white, red, rose) but also different types of wines (still, sparkling or fortified).

We did mention "in France" because in some countries the legislation about the word wine is different. For example, in the United-States, wine does not have to be made of grapes. It can be made of anything, for example strawberries. It would not be legal to call a drink made of strawberries "wine" in France though.

Where is wine from?

The oldest trace of winemaking takes us back to thousands of years ago in the Caucasus region (Georgia). It seems that humans have been making wine for a very long time. How do we know? Archeologists have found traces of fermented grape juice in old pottery jars as well as fossilized grape seeds in the floor in this region.

When was wine first made?

Vine is naturally a wild plant but seems to have been tamed by humans around 6,500 years ago to make the first wines around 4 000 Before Christ. It is important to note that, back in the days, winemaking was very different and so was the taste of the wine. One of the old method to make wine was the Qvevri method, consisting in putting grape juice in an amphora, burying it in the ground to leaving it to ferment naturally. 

How did the love for wine spread to the world?

After Georgia, Greece was the first country to make wine. How did wine travel through Europe? This is due to the Roman Empire that went invading Europe trying to conquer more and more lands. 

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